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I truly believe there is a mind, body, and spirit connection.  This isn’t religion! This is “feeling good from the inside out”.  When people feel good they have greater clarity of thought, they are more confident, and they have peace of mind.  They are empowered to deal with all that life dishes out.  This is quite the opposite of feeling stressed, lethargic, and undecided about all that is going on around you.  A “feeling of loss of control”. 

My journey started as an “executive computer geek” with Honeywell, Inc. in 1984.  After 8 years and feeling as I described above, I hired a trainer.  My stress level dropped immediately and I could “think again”.  I believe everyone deserves to experience this feeling.  As a personal trainer, I train and support others in their experience. “Their Journey”.

Meet Debra White

DJ is a Gifted Results Oriented Fitness Professional Who Enhances Physical and Mental Well Being Mastery. As one who transitioned from Corporate America to Health and Wellness, she supports others through similar transformations, their own Hero’s Journey.

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