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I am 57 years old as of December 2023, I am married to the Love of My Life, Terra for 8 years in April and between the 2 of us, have 7 children together, 4 of which are still in the house.

In addition we have My Boy, Koda who is a mix of Aussie & German Shepard along with maybe a little Corgi. I was told he is a “cowboy dog” but whatever he is, he is the smartest and fastest dog I’ve ever owned. He loves to play fetch and is very affectionate. One of the kids owns a Shiba Inu which looks like a fox and her name is Yoki and another daughter owns 2 ferrets, Pabu and Goldie.

I was one of CT’s first Karaoke hosts and since then spent the next 30 years doing clubs, bars, weddings, events and parties. I left the event industry early in 2022 due to covid and started a network marketing business with my wife and soon after, realized that I needed a bit of reprogramming so…here I am!

Terra and I enjoy going out to eat. We love exploring new places for dinner and/or brunches. We love going to concerts and traveling. The remaining children are in Long Beach, Orlando and Nashville so, traveling will be a thing for the rest of our lives.

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  • Thanks Todd for sharing about yourself and your family. It’s great getting to learn more about a member of my tribe.

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