Have you Achieved the Success You Truly Desire?

Tired of self-development courses that don’t deliver? Frustrated with reading those “self-help” books but seeing no change in your life?

You're not alone...

Many of us have had the same feeling and were annoyed by empty promises.  We were told we had to spend thousands simply to connect with someone who has been trained as a salesperson.  Without spending even more, we never got to the actual details of how to succeed like the “guru” who sponsored the class.  

Fortunately we discovered the Master Key Experience.

Why We're Different

The Master Key Experience was built from the original books, ideas, and materials others have established as the hallmark standards in achieving success.

Mark Januszewski had the great fortune of working directly for W. Clement Stone, the man who helped Napoleon Hill launch his book, Think and Grow Rich, to the fame it knows today.  Mark was coached by W. Clement Stone on Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude.

He learned the book needs to be used as a workbook, not as a text to read and move on.  Mark also worked on Success magazine, along with Og Mandino, author of The Greatest Salesman in the World, another standard of success.

As a mission of love, Mark is sharing the wisdom he gathered from these gentlemen, and is ready to share it with YOU.

" The only problem this world faces is the lack of self-directed thinkers..."

mark januszewski 

Our Purpose

The Master Key Experience

We want to help bring out the strength inside people so they can become their best selves.  We help unfold the self-directed thinker deep inside who understands that the best way to change the world is to change themselves, to create the life they were born to live, not the life that others have "forced onto them".

Mark & Davene Januszewski  Co-founders 

What Others Say...

I found the master key experience at the exact perfect time that I needed it.  

I was just making a huge transition in my life and this class gave me the structured method that I desired to create the life of my dreams.  I am living that dream life now and I am so thankful for the habits and skills that I learned from the Master Key Experience!

Jason Houser
Intuitive Investor, Master Key Veteran

Our Unique Approach

Hands on support

As founders of the Master Key Experience, we are dedicated to sharing this information with the world in a way that combines the purity of the masterful material AND supports a member's journey with hands-on support from volunteer members who’ve completed the course and succeeded on their own.

powerful mastermind

We've created a community of self-directed thinkers who always have a powerful mastermind available to support them, encourage them and help them grow toward creating their best life ever... in a safe online environment.  

Available & affordable to all

To ensure this class is available to the world, the Master Key Experience program offers a Pay-It-Forward scholarship so ANYONE can afford it, but NO ONE can buy it. The application fee is $1.00 and class members choose whether or not to pay for the following year’s class, at a cost of less than a purchased coffee a day.

You're in good company!

Thousands of people are living happier, more vibrant successful lives since they developed the habits taught in this course.  

More rave reviews from past students...

The master key experience was the right thing for me at the right time. It helped me to get crystal clear on what I wanted in my life and to develop the persistence to achieve my dream of being a best-selling and prolific author. Confidence, belief in myself, friendship, and ongoing support and collaboration were the icing on top!

Lori Ann King

MKE was the Perfect choice for me because it was a hands-on program that instilled habits, accountability, and the ability to visualize and manifest exactly what we think about - and so much more! My new sauce business is a direct result of the MK program!  The idea of marketing my own sauce, to taking the steps to completion took only five months!

Maria Rose
Owner and Founder of Maria Rose
Authentic Italian

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