How to Get Organized for Submitting your MKE Weekly Blog Posts

Follow these step-by-step instructions to help you develop the habits of success for your Master Key Experience so you maximize your results with the least effort.

Download the PDF of the steps for easy reference.

Get Organized Now

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3 Easy Steps...

Step # 1

Create a new folder on your computer desktop to hold your MKE Weekly blog 'Featured Images'. Each week choose an image from our photo library to display at the top of your post. Important: These are ONLY photos acceptable for this project.

Step # 2

Create a second folder for your copy (text) to hold your blog posts each week. Use Word (PC) or Pages (Mac) to draft the copy for your post. Add the finished article to your folder so it's easy to find when you want to copy & paste it in the submit form. It is also a great backup. Include your FULL NAME at the top of your post.

Step # 3

Write the title or headline for your post. Optimally this should be 5 - 8 words.  Write your post in short paragraphs so it's easy to read on the website and aim for 300 to 500 words minimum.  Don't sweat the small stuff!  If you want to write your post first - do that and write your headline to suit what you've written.

 Do NOT add photos to this document.


You're on the way to creating the habit of successful planning. The important steps you've already completed will set the stage for organizing your content so you can easily submit your post on time each week.  

Let's Get Started

We recommend Brave or Firefox Browsers for all your online work.

Yes, there are others - however - these are the best two for your continued privacy and security when working online.