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Press Release – Empowering Women: Dream Life Coach Shares Inspiring Journey

Nassau, Bahamas – Chrislyn Benjamin, a former finance professional turned successful Human Resources leader, is poised to illuminate her remarkable journey and dedication to empowering women aged 35-55 in an upcoming interview with Jerome Sawyer from Eyewitness News.

Background: Chrislyn Benjamin embarked on a brave transition from finance to Human Resources, driven by her passion for aiding others in both personal and professional growth. Despite encountering early health setbacks, she persevered, surmounting obstacles and earning her degree.

Entrepreneurial Pursuits: Beyond her flourishing HR career, Chrislyn Benjamin is a certified Dream Life Coach and active participant in her Amway business. Her entrepreneurial drive stems from a fervent desire to inspire and mentor women aged 35-55 toward realizing their dream lives through a harmonious work-life balance and transformative mindset.

Key Discussion Points for the Interview:

1. Freedom to Travel: Chrislyn Benjamin will delve into her decision to depart from traditional employment, opting instead for a lifestyle that affords her the liberty to travel and fully engage in coaching and network marketing.

2. Overcoming Health Challenges: She will candidly share her journey of triumphing over significant health adversities, illustrating how resilience and determination can lead to extraordinary accomplishments.

3. Empowering Women: The interview’s primary focus will be on raising awareness among women aged 35-55, highlighting avenues through which they can actualize their dream lives via effective work-life balance strategies and a positive mindset.

4. Mindset Transformation: Chrislyn Benjamin will underscore the criticality of mindset shifts, drawing from personal experiences to offer practical insights for women seeking positive life transformations.

Chrislyn Benjamin, a certified Dream Life Coach, accomplished HR professional, and devoted entrepreneur, exemplifies resilience, determination, and a fervent commitment to fostering impactful change in others’ lives.

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  • Wonderful Chrislyn! So excited for you. Looking forward to meeting you in person in Kansas City in June!

  • Good job Chrislyn, way to finish the MKE strong and get your Press Release done!

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