Following the Week 24 webinar I was left with overwhelming feelings of regret, guilt, shame and unworthiness. I was reminded of the holes in my spirit because of actions of the past.

This week’s webinar was about finding our authentic self. We were reminded that everything is connected and that we must continue to be the non-judgmental observer. Some of the things a non-judgmental

We are spirit. Spirit moves in this world through the action of service. Service consists of giving to others. The more we give, the more we get. This is the positive aspect

This week while I was contemplating what to write about, I could see the camellia’s newest pink blossoms dancing in the wind outside the study room window. Last week the blossoms were

Why are we instructed to engage in four days of silence, away from worldly distractions? Why do many of us find that so hard to do? Why do we resist it? What

EMERSON AND DAVENE SELF-RELIANCE Why are we so quick to dismiss our inner genius for the cheap imitation of society’s superficial ignorance? Emerson: “Yet he dismisses without notice his thought, because it

This week I did my SILENT TIME FOR 48 hours. It was probably much easier for me to arrange then most folks because I don’t have anyone living with me so unless

This week has been an emotionally charged week. It’s been a real struggle some days to keep the depression and anxiety demons from controlling my Subby. However, I have tools to help

Yesterday’s Master Key Experience Week 22 Webinar got me excited when I learned how to use anger, fear, hurt feelings, unworthiness, and guilt as Tools for Expanding. The image of a toolbox