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This week, I got to do another beach walk. Because of the winter’s extremely high tides, a daily walk beside the water isn’t always possible.

Yesterday, the tide was coming in so I had to pick my path carefully. In some places, the beach was barely one foot wide but most of the time, I had a space of five to six feet between the bank and the water.

On this walk, I encountered some of the huge logs that the winter storms have deposited along the beaches of the bay. They are humongous!!!! The power of nature is awe-inspiring!

I also enjoyed the beauty of a tree blooming with pale pink cherry blossoms, overhanging the sandy beach, against a background of varying shapes and shades of grey clouds. I wish I could share my photo of it with everyone.

To top this wonderful trip off, I saw the male swan that sometimes paddles along these shores. He lost his mate several years ago and I understand they do not take another, so he wends his lonesome way along the stretches of water from the harbour to the basin and back again.

I am a widow and I live a few miles outside of town so I don’t see a many people on a daily basis, but I do get to see the wonders of Mother Nature all around me. I can look out my front window and see gulls gliding on air currents, the water of the basin flat and reflective as a mirror or choppy and angry looking.

Sometimes an eagle or a heron flies by and seals play in the waves. Occasionally a sea lion or two make their way into the basin, fish for a few hours, then head back out to sea.

How marvellous that I am a part of all this. This is a portion of my DMP realized. Now I need to continue working to change my old habits for new ones so the rest of it manifests.

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  • Thank you for sharing your walk in nature. Your description makes it easy to visualize. I’m happy that you manifested this portion of your DMP.

  • Thank you for sharing Marguerite. The beauty and wonder that you get to see every day is awesome.

  • Beautiful blog Marguerite. I too love awe-inspiring Nature. Thanks for sharing your walk with us..your descriptive words helped me to imagine it…just like our DMPs.

  • Thanks so much for sharing your beach walk and observations of the beauty of nature you encountered during your walk. It was easy to visualize everything you described. I’m glad part of your DMP involves enjoying and marveling about the nature that surrounds you.

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