MKE Week 21 – Behold That Dreamer Cometh

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Think about that you are a miracle!! Do you know how your life would change drastically if you began to see yourself and everyone else like that? You were fashioned with perfection there isn’t a single flaw in you.

The master sculptor knew exactly what he was doing. Consider the inner workings of a flower, have you ever stopped and looked very closely how everything is fashioned together so perfectly?

It is just mind blowing to witness these things daily and you now will see them quite often since you now know how to recognize them, and you will seek them out. Before I started the Master Keys, I would look for the good in everything and seek it out constantly, but now it’s the same but on steroids!

I see the good in everyone but now I understand and can recognize it going on all around me in the people, in things, in nature. Something as simple as emptying out old mop water, it has to happen so you can fill the bucket up again with brand new water.

The water you dumped out will serve it’s purpose too, it will go to a reservoir and be treated and return to the water tank ready to be used once more by millions of people that will mop the floor, bath, wash their clothes drink the water.

I understand that all things have their purpose and our view of that varies due to our upbringing, environment friend and family and social media/TV influences. Everything operates in complete harmony it’s amazing how much I see that now.

Getting back to you, you are now a self-directed thinker you no longer need anyone or anything to tell you what to think about a thing. If you like something or someone for that matter, you don’t need the approval for someone or a social media post to verify it/ or they are a good thing.

You no longer have to worry whether it’s popular or not and you can even wear white after Labor Day. I still don’t understand why that is even a thing—I wear white when I want to, no one tells me when I can.

So, there you have it, there is nothing wrong with you, you are handsome, beautiful, sexy, drop dead gorgeous so go out there and own that sh*t and be the miracle you were created to be! Until next time, and there will be a next time!

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  • Hi Shannon – Hey, I love the energy and the message you’re sharing here! It’s all about recognizing our own value and the beauty in the world around us. Keep spreading that positivity and empowerment!

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