MKE Week 21 – Embracing Life’s Fragility

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This past week, I found myself in the somber setting of a homegoing service for my high school classmate. She was a remarkable individual—a devoted Christian, a loving wife, and a nurturing mother, much like myself. The experience prompted me to reflect on the profound words from Og’s scroll: “I will live this day as if it is my last.”

This mantra serves as a moving reminder of the fragility of life and the fortune of still being alive. It compels me to consider the purpose that must accompany this precious existence and encourages me to dig deeper into understanding that purpose and actively bringing it to life. I feel a responsibility—an indictment, even—to ensure that I don’t take my remaining time for granted.

Witnessing the departure of someone so cherished underscores the importance of sharing the abundance within ourselves before our own time comes. It’s a reminder not to hoard our unique gifts and experiences but to generously share them with others. At the end of my days, I aspire to be remembered as someone who touched many lives in a positive way.

This perspective fuels my commitment to a life of service through giving. I persist with the belief that by contributing to the betterment of the world, we create a lasting impact. It’s a sincere desire to leave behind a world that is richer, kinder, and more compassionate than the one we entered.

The reality remains that we all have an appointed time to be born and to die. In the face of this inevitable truth, the question looms—what do we do with the time in between? It is a call to action, a prompting to live with intention, purpose, and a commitment to making our existence count.

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  • Thank you Chrislyn, that is so true! Make each day count, live with intention and purpose in service to others. Beautifully said!

  • Chrislyn, thank you for your amazing blog this week. My favorite part of your writing was when you said:

    “It’s a reminder not to hoard our unique gifts and experiences but to generously share them with others.”

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