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This is the first week where I balked at writing a blog. there are great thoughts and ideas in the Haanel reading. Like cause and condition in regard to prayer and the universal law.

Or like the secret of power is the consciousness of power and the more you understand the unconditionality of the Universal Mind the less one notices conditions. Thereby realizing unconditionality and becoming truly free.

Or my favorite that the infinite/Universal Mind is a live wire and when the individual mind touches the Universal it receives all sufficiency and supple needed in the world within.

It’s the last third of the reading that gives me pause and posses’ questions about the absolutism that exist in the material. For instance, I created everything in my life. What is manifested is a result of only my thinking.

In 19 Haanel says that Nature is plastic to the idea and the individual should see it as already accomplished. Yet moves to the group when discussing the real battle of life as being ideas of men not man in 20..

I will leave that there as just being an observer of the reading and ideas in 20-26 which evoked all 5 of feelings, was not working early in the week since I take where we are currently 114 years from this writing and the long arch of my history in America personal.

Thankfully armed with expanding tools that have been working the two weeks I could see how to transmute this negative energy into positive energy using the law of substitution which states that one can’t think two thoughts at the same time, for these 5 elements, feelings, or emotions.

Let’s take each one Fear, as Og says it can be dismembered with confidence. So, one feels fear and substitutes self confidence and moves on anyway. This has been being developed in MKE for over four months. Or better yet use love as thought to destroy fear. As we now know, the Law of Love is the key to attraction and success.

Pride in oneself can be substituted for guilt. For unworthiness it could be worthy or deserving. For hurt feelings one could use hopefulness or kindness which we know is quite powerful. For Anger, calm, poise and self-control would be great words to focus on
I started the examination of these tools with fear as it is the root of all the others. I believe there are only two emotions that underlie all others. Love and fear. Well full circle back to absolutes. Ok then.

R2A2 Keep On Pushing!

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  • Hi Michael, Excellent explanation of some of the tools we learn at the MKE. Cheering you on

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