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My word for the week was ‘Well Organised’ – now you might have guessed it but this is a bit late.

So I ask myself is this late or is it going in on time. Week 23 webinar talks about Acceptance. Without seeing and hearing the webinar I did not beat myself up over the delay in week 21 blog.

The delay was not a refusal to complete or a denial. To be fair, I was not pleased I was so far behind, there are elements of this programme I can say I got you, I got it. Even the way I filled in the grid demonstrated what I see and do differ. I know I saw and focused on looking for the word well organised – but I did not record anything for Monday or Tuesday and the rest of the week is jam packed.

What does this tell me about me – the makeover continues. I am becoming aware and the focus continues.

Meet Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith is a best-selling author, writer, motivational speaker, career, personal life and Dreamlife coach and a qualified mediator with over 20 years’ experience in the Public Sector in UK.

She is currently enjoying a new rhythm, and the Master Key Experience is part of her journey. She has the pleasure of living part of the year in Jamaica.

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  • Awareness is good. Your observation is always useful, accepting responsibility and taking action is wonderful. Keep grinding and finish strong!

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