MKE Week 21 – Fuzzy, Hazy or Blank But Not Defeated

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I have had an interesting week. Wonderfully, I have observed in myself less melancholy and festering. I am quicker to and succeeding more often with the switching of thoughts. I am changing. (super-smile!)

Something else I have noticed in recent weeks; I am wrestling with writing the blog. And it occurred to me during a sit that one reason is…I am forgetting things. Drawing complete blanks.

I will have mini “a-ha’s” or connecting things etc. After my sit, poof! It’s gone. Have I begun entering a different brain-wave state? I wonder this because it is exactly like dreaming and having memory of a single scene but recall absolutely no other information about it, or remembering a dream’s feeling and zero recollection.

So when I attempt to write a blog about my week or a moment, my brain is ???

I’ve also observed that other things are getting mumbled-jumbled. I will look at or touch a colored shape and a different colored shape service or POA comes out. Whoa!

The good news…I am calm about it. I figure my brain is working on truly sorting some stuff. I compare it to a child who grows up multi-lingual; they often take longer to begin speaking because their brain will sort the languages first. Mayhaps I am in a stage of sorting between old and new subby language.

Mayhaps my brain is, as Haanel writes

idestroy[ing] the negatives and create[ing] new pictures

The Master Key, Charles Haanel, 21:14

I know I am creating. Is the destroying causing demolition dust that is making things fuzzy?

I have yet to know but I persist.

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  • Fuzziness and haziness is progress! Remember the fog is temporary and you will eventually see everything you have been learning in perfect focus. Keep growing you are the greatest miracle!! Remember everything is in perfect harmony!

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