MKE Week 21 – Opportunities in Disguise

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Our focus this week is on how we can use Fear, Hurt Feelings, Anger, Guilt and Unworthiness to grow and expand our comfort zone.

We all wish the hero’s journey didn’t require struggle and strife, but the truth is, our old blueprint makes us resistant to change. Unless the pain of living in the old blueprint is greater than the pain required to change and grow, we probably won’t do it.

It would be so nice if we could just sit in the warm sun watch birds and nature and all the concrete covering our golden buddha would just melt away, but that’s not how it works. We must chisel and beat and pry and drill and saw to remove it bit by bit.

This week’s Haanel lesson has been really helpful with this process for me. He talks about if it ever works, it will always work if we can create the exact same conditions. I’m a bowler, and this makes perfect sense to me.

If I can get a strike once, I can get it again if I can recreate the same process on a lane that has the same conditions. How I learn to consistently repeat a process is to practice and develop muscle memory.

In addition, he says that it’s just as easy to manifest big things as small things, so think BIG. I’ve been working this week on thinking bigger – much bigger.

I asked my daughter: would you rather go to Paris this year, or go to New Orleans to see the Detroit Lions play in their first Superbowl? She chose going to the Superbowl because there is only one first. I’ll be changing my DMP very soon.

And finally, he says that Universal law applies equally to everyone – it does not play favorites. I love that part of our ripple effect will help equalize prosperity and power across all people over time. What would the world look like if everyone manifested their dharma?

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  • Hi Dana, Just thinking of what it would be like for everyone to manifest their dharma, makes me excited. Think of all the accomplishments and happiness. Cheering you on

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