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I am Blue…not sad, but in the Color Code world. And that leads me to a lot of procrastination. And then because I’m a secondary Red. I scramble to get the job done with a burst of adrenaline. It’s like this at tax time, and the week before Thanksgiving when I know my house will be filled with family and friends. And so, it has been for the last 3 days.

When we returned from our cruise at the end of Jan, our networking team started a 15-week challenge that leads up to our convention in Las Vegas at the end of April. The challenge is to share a 5-minute video, followed up by a 3rd party verification call, with 3 people a week, for 15 weeks. Simple & straight forward. The challenge is broken into three 5-week periods, with documentation due.

So, did I start on week 2…that would be a No! Week 3…No! Week 4…Another No!

“Procrastination I destroy with action;” – Mandino, Og “The Greatest Salesman in the World”

On Tuesday, I’m zooming with my colleagues, figuring I had until Feb 29th to complete my 15 calls, and I hear that the deadline for paperwork by midnight, Sat, Feb 24. GG-RR-EE-AA-TT! I’m flying out to attend a funeral with my family on Thursday, and we return on Sat.

So, here is where Ms Red jumps up and says, OK, let’s get going. And so, I do. On the 20th, I sent out a series of texts to 22 friends, most of whom know about my business venture. I got the system down to a science!

Some phone carriers view the video link as spam and send it to where the socks go in the dryer!! So, I text the link, and then duplicate my efforts in an email to make sure it gets to my friends. I am fortunate to have two amazing business colleagues that came to my rescue, as well. By the time I jumped on the plane Thursday afternoon, I had completed 8 of the 15 calls.

Today is Friday, and 2 additional contacts were completed, so now I need 5 more. Three of the original list are still in play…and I sent out 3 more requests, of which, two were returned with an affirmative to watch the video.

I have watched myself become the person I intend to become! And it’s very cool and scary all rolled into one. It is very hard to be the mom, the wife, and the intense Red…there are a lot of conflicting emotions. I love a slower blue pace, but I love the feeling of accomplishment that the red focus provides.

The next step is figuring out how to become a sort of purple with the best of the blue and red combined!

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  • Hi Geri, Good job getting your Blue and Red to work together in your favor. Cheering you on

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