MKE Week 21 – We are a L.O.T. of Nothing and it is a Miracle!

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I watched the movie “Oppenheimer” this week. I am a sucker for recent history so even though I knew that it was 3 hours long, I knew that I would enjoy it, and I did. Of course, there was a lot of Physics presented in the script and it reminded me of Sunday’s MKE Workshop #21.

But before that, I heard an acronym during the workshop, L O T. It stands for LEARN, OBSERVE, THINK. Much of the information that has been presented over the past 21 weeks has built upon this concept.

We have learned so much about the world within and the world without and part of that was how to become an observer. Kind of a “stop and smell the roses” on steroids. All along this journey, this Hero’s Journey, we have been taught, instructed, cajoled, persuaded, and coaxed into becoming independent thinkers.

Putting aside, replacing and breaking away all of the thinking that has been done for us in our past, our past blueprint, and learning how to think for ourselves! This acronym will help me to easily remember this whenever I need it.

To get back to the movie and why it reminded me of the workshop. There was one scene when Oppenheimer was asked, by a friend, to explain Quantum Physics. The main point was that we, everything around us, although appearing solid and stationary is nothing but an illusion and is really in constant motion.

Even things that have appeared motionless for thousands of years and that physics is the behavior of nature at and below the scale of atoms.

In the workshop we were reminded that each of us are made up of approximately 35 trillion cells which each contain about 100 trillion atoms and that 99.95% of these atoms contain nothing, absolutely nada.

The other .05% is a nucleus and some protons and neutrons running around like maniacs.

If you think about how every cell in your body is working in harmony and true to their nature, and that this is truly a miracle, then it is easier to understand how we can say that, “We are Natures Greatest Miracle!”

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  • Thank you for this post, I will now have to watch the movie! I love it when people like you bring such awareness to these sessions!

  • Mike – Absolutely, it’s incredible to realize the power within us and the potential we have to create and live our best lives. Harnessing that energy is key! Keep shining as nature’s greatest miracle!

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