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I enjoy laughing and good humor. Good thing, because, as my wife will attest, I seem to have no lack of things that either happen to me or that I do that are cause for a good laugh. I know, don’t worry, Subby is well aware and has been put on notice! Ha!

One such cosmic hilarity is that despite what I do for a living, discipline, according to the personality attributes of the yellow color code, appear to be a major weak point. There are literally hundreds of therapists salivating at the mere fact that people like me exist.

If the cosmos were a comedy club, the galaxies would all be amused at the fact that although I have the discipline to maneuver a 987,000 lb aircraft onto the runway in 300ft visibility, at night, with one of the four engines shut down without wiping out an entire village, I have yet to master the art of discipline in the most basic of tasks. (Think MKE stuff)

So naturally, while laying out the attributes for my Franklin makeover, I listed DISCIPLINE quite high on my list. I have to say that the art of observation has paid enormous dividends. While merely observing others exercise discipline in random areas of their lives, I started to notice that I too have discipline.

The more I observed, the more I feel I exhibit. This was truly an eye opening exercise on so many levels. Things that I would overlook or simply not accomplish because…well, life, seemed to be a part of some daily real life game of jenga.

The even greater point is that we can do this with any attribute we seek. What a fun and liberating concept.

And now, I’m going to go floss my teeth because it’s the time of day I always floss my teeth. (See what I did there?!)

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  • Hi Ron, It’s been good fun to read your post on Discipline. Once observed in many different settings, it can’t be overlooked. Cheering you on

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