Week 22: Understanding the Law of vibration...

We are continuing to learn how to raise our awareness to the achievement of possibilities we didn't previously know existed.

Join us for an adventure in discovering your future self, clarify what you want your life to be - and plan the action to achieve it.

Reflections on Week 22

What happens when a little child discovers a guitar for the first time? He pulls the strings awkwardly and strikes the guitar as if it is drum, and the discordant sounds soon bring to the spectators some worries for the guitar…

Reading Part 22, I realize that most people – me included - are treating their body exactly as a little child treats a guitar for the first time!

In this part, Haanel brilliantly presents us the real science behind the human body and give us a practical method for learning how to keep it harmonious and healthy.

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Robin Walker

The Lesson of week 21 gave me much food for thought. The lesson painted a workable and clearer picture of Prayer and the Power of Prayer. I have, at different times in my life, found the general traditional teaching of Faith,

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Robert Rysgaard

Here we are in week 22, completed the webinar for the week and received our homework assignment to cut off all communication, cell phone, social media, texting, tv, radio and talking to others and focus and concentrate solely on the silence

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Deanna Pulido Baker

Yesterday’s Master Key Experience Week 22 Webinar got me excited when I learned how to use anger, fear, hurt feelings, unworthiness, and guilt as Tools for Expanding. The image of a toolbox and construction tools got my imagination running wild. I

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Michael Harder

Another miracle I have experienced in my master key journey is realization of that many of the things I already do are in the master key toolkit. The master key tool that brought this to my attention is the silence tool.

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Patricia King

In our Week 20 Master Key Lesson, we read Haanel Chapter 20 six days and then did our SIT (meditation) with this thought “For in him we live, and move, and have our being” from Acts 17:28.There was so much food

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The challenge this week is to practice silence for one full day and two partial days over the next two weeks. I’ve decided to pair my full day of silence with a 24 or 36 hour fast on the new moon,

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Charlie Zigmund

I never really know what I’ll write about too far in advance. I usually sit and contemplate things and then an idea will enter my mind and I’ll expand on it. This week that process was preempted by a meme I

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Marie Ruzicka

5 Reflections (+1) from Week 22 in the Master Key Experience (MKE): 1. The Science of Getting Rich – Wallace Wattles’ masterpiece – the first paragraph took my breath away: “WHATEVER may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains

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Myrna Balrak

We all have tools in our toolbox that are both effective and ineffective.Ineffective tools for dealing with fear, guilt, unworthiness, hurt feelings, and anger. You might think, “No, I do not.”So, ask yourself this:Are you living the life you truly desire—the

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I’ve discovered that honing observation skills is not just about passive witnessing; it’s a mindful practice that demands dedication and conscious effort. I’ve learned that being present is the cornerstone of observation, and to truly observe means for me to minimize

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Joanne Sapers

I have been busy spreading the word that I will go off the grid for 48 hours, beginning February 28th at 4:00 pm.  It feels weird. I am inquisitive, wondering what will transpire. When Mark and Davene suggested this Silent Retreat,

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Shannon Northman

Our body is controlled by the universal mind. That is quite fascinating, every part of us from the cells to the organs to our overall condition of our health. And if we entertain thoughts of joy, gratefulness, love, giving and more

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Jack Koetting

Are you kidding me? No, as it turns out, and what we learned from this week’s Master Key lesson is that when we are able to direct our subconscious mind to be in harmony with the Universal and Omnipotent power, the

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Jay Weller

I am growing more every day. I am diving more into talking with subby and my cells and healing my aging physic. This is Life Changing mentally and physically. Wow!!!

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Todd Armstrong

So, the week got away from me, between tech problems with my computer and money troubles due to someone compromising my accounts and spouses who Always seem to miserable, it’s been a week! I was wondering earlier in the week, why

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Amy Shirtcliff

This Master Key lesson this week had a large section about how to heal ourselves by our thinking. This was a big one for me because one of the things that I struggle with is my health. I have been told

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Carmen Fuentes

Today I read along as I listened to the audio of this week’s chapter of The Master Key. At the end, the narrator added that this splendid transformational text was originally banned by organized religion. I can see how dogmatic religions

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Robin Walker

I’ve been reflecting all week on my 24 hours of silence that will take place on Saturday. I decided immediately the day I would do it. I have taken steps all week to take care of those tasks I usually would

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Ramona Ayala

What a time. I now know MKE was placed in my path exactly for this moment in time. Although in the embryonic stage of growing, I have learned and changed and gained so many tools to journey through my current situation.

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Michael Smith

I had what one could say was a very interesting week. It started with me visiting a friend in the hospital that I meet 40 years ago on St Patrick’s Day 1984. That meeting took place in a public detox at

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Terri Frisbie

My journey of 24 hours without technology. With my journal in hand, here I start. Thursday evening; I’m noticing our world is full of constant buzzing like bees with notifications. News alerts, T.V. emails, social media, phone calls texting, and other

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Geri Haynes

Exploring the concept of vibration this week in Part 22 has reminded me of the miracles of frequencies. Every aspect of our existence is a tapestry of frequencies. From the oscillation of electrons revolving around the nucleus of an atom; the

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Sherry Beall

We’re really tapping into the power of our thoughts on a deeper level. Haanel discusses this in detail in Part 22: When we realize that our present character, our present environment, our present ability, our present physical condition are all the

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Chrislyn Benjamin

The phrase “speak to Him, thou, for He hears and spirit with a spirit can meet, Closer is He than breathing and nearer than hands and feet” is not just a poetic expression but a profound invitation to a spiritual connection.

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