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Week 22 Yes, I have a Choice!

Like every week’s lesson, this one was no different, it blew me away! I embraced making choices. Focusing on one thing at a time, not multi-tasking is challenging for me, choosing not to multi-task has been liberating. I admit I had a very difficult time completing projects because of this habit. ‘Do it Now’ has become my friend as has the ‘do not disturb’ feature on my phone!

I’m spending a lot less time on my phone and liking it! It was robbing me of a lot of time! Time that can be better spent doing the things that will bring me closer to becoming the person I want to be! Just choosing to not multi-task is a daily goal that now I know I can accomplish!

Shifting my thoughts and finding ways to change my habits has also been difficult, but not as hard as I thought, it’s just different, learning to do things in a different way. That can be good because it’s like the old story, about a young girl that asks her mom why she cuts the ends off the ham they bake for Thanksgiving.

The mom answered, this is how my mom taught me to do it. The girl then asks her grandmother why she cut the ends off the ham; grandma answered this is how my mom taught me. Well, great grandma was still alive, the girl goes to her and asks her “why did you cut the ends off of the ham you baked for Thanksgiving?” Great grandma looks at her and says, ‘because it didn’t fit in the pan’. Well, no more cutting the ends off the ham!

We tend to just do things because that’s what we learned, and it just becomes a habit. I too did/do a lot of things out of habit. Learning to become a ‘self-directed thinker’ is a new habit. Am learning to ‘live in the now’, procrastinating less, sharing what has been in my heart to share without fear because of limiting beliefs, and listening to The Source more.

I did not stay for the entire session Sunday because I chose to go see a ballet based on C.S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters” at a local church. It was great, during the performance everything we have been studying these past few months came together for me. Snippets of Haanel, Hill, Emerson, Wattles, Standing Tall, and Mandino just popped into my head as the performers twirled, jumped, slumped, fell in despair, or flew up exhilarated as the stories unfolded.

The three scenes focused on ‘vanity, greed, and guilt! I thought how well it depicted that the life you have is the life you’ve chosen, so when you get to the end don’t blame anyone but yourself!

The consequences of our choices make or break us. The fear each of the characters went through when they realized that their choices led them to ‘hell or heaven’ really touched me with feelings of being happy or sad for the characters! The guilt scene seemed to impact the audience the most. Our choices can either help us see the Light or not and if we don’t see the Light, we end up in Darkness.

Well, miracles happen, this old lady has been picked up, finally been taken outdoors, shaken out, washed, and is drying in the Sun!

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  • Aurora, you are a self directed thinker I love the way you write about your self discovery journey.

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