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So, the week got away from me, between tech problems with my computer and money troubles due to someone compromising my accounts and spouses who Always seem to miserable, it’s been a week!

I was wondering earlier in the week, why my tribe was so suddenly quiet when it was nicely pointed out to me that “it is Silence week” this week. Ok, I guess we take that to the extreme!?! I remember Mark talking about it but I think I quickly discounted it as impossible UNTIL……..I sat and thought about it for a minute.

I run a monument shop so, I only see and/or talk to 6 people a week AT THE MOST!! MY wife and I are down to one car at the moment so, she brings me to work much earlier than I need to be here and picks me up much later as well so, already, I am here for about 10 hours, 6 days a week.

When I go home, I guess I don’t Have to talk to Koda or my wife or the step kids. Outside of a couple possible visits or calls once I am at work, and I might be able to accomplish this little task after all.

I will attempt this feat tomorrow.

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  • It is great that you are able to take advantage of the time that you have to get some extra silence. It will be well worth it!

  • I’m sorry you’re having a “character building” week but I’m glad you are able to be silent for a few hours while you’re at work and possibly at home, too during silent week. However, I think Koda will really miss hearing you talk to him if he doesn’t hear your voice when you two play ball, etc.

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