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I never really know what I’ll write about too far in advance. I usually sit and contemplate things and then an idea will enter my mind and I’ll expand on it.

This week that process was preempted by a meme I saw posted on a friends timeline on social media. I’ve really cut back on the amount of time I spend on social media so I believe that I saw the post for a reason.

The following words aren’t my own as I stated that they are from a meme. Unfortunately there was no author listed so I can’t give the proper credit to anyone in particular.

For me it was timely and is worth meditating on.

“How Gratitude Changes Everything”

Instead of saying “I have to”, start your day with, “I get to!”

I get to exercise.
I get to see my friends and family.
I get to tell someone I love them.
I get to eat good food.
I get to work and earn money.
I get to experience new things.
I get to make someone’s day better.

It’s all about Perspective.

Of course the list is never ending but you get the idea. Just change your Perspective and be Grateful.


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  • I really like the “I get to!”. I have been pondering now for sometime now to replace the word I have to and I want. I sure will replace I have to now for I get to. Thanks for sharing Charlie

  • Charlie – Absolutely, gratitude is a game-changer! It shifts your energy and attracts more positivity. Keep spreading that inspiration! 🙌 #GratitudeIsKey

  • Hi Charlie, Thank you for the reminder that we “get to”. I can see how this list keeps expending. We are grateful for you to share this with us.

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