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What a time. I now know MKE was placed in my path exactly for this moment in time.

Although in the embryonic stage of growing, I have learned and changed and gained so many tools to journey through my current situation. I know I received these gifts so that I may effect change in my environment and those around me.

I know I cannot control others. Yet I can lead by example. I can listen. I can ask questions and guide. I have tremendous hope. Faith that even if others are not affected by me, I continue on my journey, regardless.

I observe that as I am being bombarded by negativity and non-harmonious goings-on, I am reacting (or not reacting) so very, very differently than I would have months ago. And, although old thoughts and reactions immediately spring up, they are quickly quashed using Laws, affirmations and tools.

I spend time pondering how I can help—battleshipping through scenarios…discarding plans, determining other plans…not simply reacting in the moment. Starting Og’s scroll VI just days ago—divine timing.

That’s the crux of my week. Observe, “reactive opinions” made in my mind, practicing with my tools, shutting my pie-hole, paying attention to me and how I can increase harmonious interactions…

and I am doing my best.

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  • Bravo Ramona!!… Being the observer and recognizing your own growth. So happy you are trusting your journey, using the tools and applying them to your everyday interactions, and celebrating your ability to create a new, evolved life in the midst of challenges. Beautiful!

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