MKE Week 22 – I am where I am meant to BE

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Bammmm and it is so true – I am where I am because of a lifetime of choices.

I will get the excuses out of the way – the first 7 years of my life I was a sponge. I had no defences and my hard drive accepted all that was placed on it. So that is an easy explanation and I can use that to explain why I do what I do and why I do not do what I know I should do.

As I think about that, I know I have sabotaged jobs or promotions in the corporate environment in the past because I did not really want the responsibly and or I told myself I did not want to be pigeon-hold or I did not want to be a one trick pony.

Taking that thought full circle I can see times in my life where I allowed fear, guilt, anger, hurt feelings and unworthiness to hold me static. I can see where, I still allow those emotions to take the driving seat.

Seeing these tools as part of my toolbox to keep me focused, have the energy to change, keep me on track, validate the good and reminding me how much I care – like I say is priceless. I will swap out my old tools for the new ones.

Before I post these thoughts I ask why are we not taught this in colleagues, early years of employment etc; the dictionary definitions have their place but it sure holds you back and ensures we remain encased in a lot of stuff that does not serve us.

Pity because the new tools are settling in for the remainder of my ‘dash’ – I will continue to sharpen away and think if I slip I will use words I heard for a mentor and coach – “in the past I may have thought, felt or believed”. I will not take ownership or use excuses for current behaviour or decisions.

Meet Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith is a best-selling author, writer, motivational speaker, career, personal life and Dreamlife coach and a qualified mediator with over 20 years’ experience in the Public Sector in UK.

She is currently enjoying a new rhythm, and the Master Key Experience is part of her journey. She has the pleasure of living part of the year in Jamaica.

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