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Another miracle I have experienced in my master key journey is realization of that many of the things I already do are in the master key toolkit.

The master key tool that brought this to my attention is the silence tool. I have used extended silence periods to hear the “still small voice” which for me is no longer so small. During these times of silence I do get divine inspiration what to do next and what NOT to do. This week’s webinar was additional confirmation about this process for me.

I use to put more emphasis on big ticket inspiration, but I have to come to know that all inspiration is important. Interesting enough I receive guidance that I do NOT know enough to prioritize inspiration.

Silence is a very interesting experience.

Master Keyers have a great week!

Michael of the Uplifters!

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  • Thanks Michael for sharing how extended silence has helped you listen to the “still small voice” and has guided you to making many decisions. 👍🏽 I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. 😄

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