MKE Week 22 – No AHA Moment This Time

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This week I did my SILENT TIME FOR 48 hours. It was probably much easier for me to arrange then most folks because I don’t have anyone living with me so unless I have the radio or TV turned on, my place is silent to begin with.

I got in two beautiful beach walks during those days but unfortunately broke my silence three times because one cannot meet neighbours and not say “Hello”. However, I managed to get away with just those 3 words. No chit-chatting this time around!!

Told my family what I’d planned and said there would be no emails for a couple of days so covered that situation too.

No great “AHA” moment happened for me this time but I did sort out several things that were niggling at me. Hopefully, the next SILENT TIME will be even more revealing.

Hope you find the time to enjoy your SILENCE soon.

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  • Enjoying a quiet time in nature and sorting out several niggling things are a very successful outcome to your silent retreat.

  • Glad you managed to find the time Marguerite and you did get a couple things sorted because of it so that is cool!

  • Thanks so much for sharing about your silence time, Marguerite. I’m so glad you were able to take the time to be silent for a couple of days and enjoy nature!

  • I find your dedication to committing and doing it and completing it an “aha” moment. You kept your promise. I applaud you, Marguerite!

  • Hi Marguerite, It sounds beautiful to spend time in nature during your silent retreat. Cheering you on.

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