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As the MKE experience continues, flashing of all the cards has increasingly become one of my favorite things to do, which in turn, makes writing the cards also something I enjoy very much.

When we first started our gratitude cards, I began to carry blank cards and a pen with me everywhere I go. I might thank a cashier at a local store; I tell them I am grateful for what they do, for their smile, for being there to take care of us as we check out.

I inform them I’m writing a gratitude card about them, pull out a blank card, my pen, and I write the gratitude card right there, and show them. I have also made cards of the sentences I have carried over from the scrolls in OG Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World” and put copies in every one of my card stacks.

With all that being said; I love flashing the cards; it keeps me focused and constantly reminds me to continue to be a great observer.

So, I will continue flashing…….my cards.

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  • Thanks so much for sharing how you’re using the index cards in your daily life. I like how you bring a pen and blank index cards with you and write the names of staff working in the store you go to and what you appreciate about that person. Letting the individuals know how much you appreciate them makes their day a little bit brighter. You’re a beacon of kindness and gratitude, Pedro.

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