MKE Week 22 – Plenty of work to finish.

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minutes remaining

I look forward to continuing to do the work. Find and add 3 cards of Gratitude and Random Acts of Kindness. With the reading and flashing cards, it gets quite busy and missed some tasks this week.

I am no longer going to become a self-directed thinker. I realized that I am one now and have some sense of pride for the hard work. I had not thought about it that much until a sit and then it came to me.

So far, the progress of my balance in life is quite remarkable for this short time being in the class. I’ve been looking at the work and not at where I am now. I was able to face the Fear and see that courage was what I needed and feel I’m past this trial.

I always keep my promises.
Robert G Rea

Meet Robert Rea

I’m 71 now and making a better life for me and my family. My wonderful wife Raphaela and I live in Virginia. My children live all over the USA. Peace and Blessings to all.

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