MKE Week 22 – Scientific Prayer?

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The Lesson of week 21 gave me much food for thought. The lesson painted a workable and clearer picture of Prayer and the Power of Prayer.

I have, at different times in my life, found the general traditional teaching of Faith, Prayer & Miracles to be lacking in the answer to the natural follow up question of ‘How do I get this to happen in my life?’

I recall standing in a place surrounded by others who seemed totally immersed in the words that were spoken and honestly, they appeared to me, to know something I didn’t.

But, upon closer and continued observation, I could see that was not the case. I have yet to have anyone admit such to me personally.

This week’s lesson gives scientific steps to how and why prayer works. I was not initially comfortable with the word ‘scientific’ being used to describe Prayer. I need to admit also, that there were parts of the call on Sunday that presented a challenge for me to hear as well.

All of that was an old blue print kind of reaction, that I have put in check. Yeah, I’m able to that for myself. Really cool.

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  • Loved your post, made me remember that I too felt that but didn’t know how to express! Thank you!

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