MKE Week 22 – The Power of Connecting with Divine

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The phrase “speak to Him, thou, for He hears and spirit with a spirit can meet, Closer is He than breathing and nearer than hands and feet” is not just a poetic expression but a profound invitation to a spiritual connection.

Upon reflection, I am acutely aware that addressing the Divine directly elevates a sense of openness within me, evoking a profound desire to express my deepest thoughts, feelings, and desires. This realization became real when I fervently prayed for my son and his wife, serving as a moving reminder that the Divine not only listens but also responds to our sincere words and intentions.

The concept that spirit can meet with spirit resonates deeply within me, accentuating the inherently spiritual nature of this connection. It brings to mind the law of duality, as I perceive it as a sacred union where my spirit intersects with the Divine spirit. This merging creates a hallowed space for deep and meaningful interaction that transcends the limitations of mere words, delving into the very essence of my being.

The analogy of the Divine being closer than breathing and nearer than hands and feet accentuates the innate presence of the Divine, eliciting a profound sense of intimacy that surpasses the confines of the external world. This serves as a powerful reminder that the Divine is intricately interwoven into every aspect of my life.

In truth, I am constantly moved and inspired to engage in heartfelt communication with the Divine, fostering an intimate and inseparable connection between my spirit and the spiritual realm. The vivid imagery acts as a tender reminder of the proximity and accessibility of the Divine, urging me to perceive this relationship as one that transcends the external, reaching deep into the core of my being.

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  • Beautifully written, Chrislyn. Such a powerful message of our connection with the divine.

  • Hi Chrislyn, Your post is most enlightening describing the sacred union where our spirit intersects with the Divine spirit. An intimate union of great value beautifully described. Thank you

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