MKE Week 22 – The Power of Silence

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My journey of 24 hours without technology.

With my journal in hand, here I start. Thursday evening; I’m noticing our world is full of constant buzzing like bees with notifications. News alerts, T.V. emails, social media, phone calls texting, and other societal updates, trying to find moments of true silence.

So my journey into the depths of silence and self-discovery, met with a sense of liberation. Without the distractions of the world seemed to invite me to immerse myself fully in the present moment.

I enjoyed my Thursday evening reading my MKE lessons and OG as we all have done over the past many weeks learning how to shed all of the cement from our souls.

Now it’s the next morning, Friday. I savored my coffee, the sun was shining through the windows a calm and happy feeling swept over me. I was thinking “This is fun” as time went on, I delved deeper into my own mind. Started laughing at how many thoughts you can have in a second! Or 6 seconds! My mind racing every which way found my self confronting thought and emotion that have long been buried.

So, started asking myself do I have any regrets in my life? Looking back as far back as my childhood as my whole life flashes before me. I have learned from my mistakes; I wouldn’t be who I was today if I didn’t.

Other questions became apparent. Where am I going? What am I doing? How am I going to get there. How much fun can I have doing it? Answer: follow my DMP and my plan.

Maybe I need to dig deeper into my mind, If I died tomorrow would I have any regrets? Answer came back No.

I have lived a full life more than others, less than some. I have seen and lived a lot of Negative and very, very bad things in my life, everyone has. I’m not special in that way, but, I never let that rule my life.

Do I have some personal self-improvement to still work on? Yes I do! Because as we all know, I am perfect! Whole, Strong, Powerful, Harmonious. I do have a lot of things that I would like to accomplish, travel, see my DMP come to full fruition and that’s all icing on the cake. From here out, its another day in paradise!

Funny, In silence there in nowhere to hide. So I started singing, (the words that I can remember) “In the sounds of silence “by Simon and Garfunkel. As the day wears on as the sands in the hour glass. I started to battle with moments of discomfort and restlessness sitting in silence.

Missing the interactions of the outside world, I started using the Seven laws of the mind by reading the book, and my sit, because I’m still sitting. I Found solace in the stillness. A profound sense of interconnectedness with the world around me being even more grateful.

A snowstorm is coming through now as I watch the snowflakes gently fall, knowing that each snowflake falling is completely different, they are all unique, as we all are different from one another, on this ever-evolving planet.

I am now listening to the wood in the fireplace burning and listening to the crackles it brings. I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside. These times are for cherishing their precious opportunities for renewal, seeking clarity creativity, and a self-connection flourish.

It is now Saturday afternoon. It is time to quit the Silence. In conclusion, every day is a brand-new day. In the end Life is short, make this one count. If there is a situation that can’t be solved immediately? It will in time, because this too shall pass, most situations are self-limiting.

With this 24 hour of silence, I found inner-peace with happiness with all of this life has to offer, it’s all around me, it never really left, just needed a little reminder using the sounds of silence.

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  • I really appreciated your details in this post as you in a sense journaled your experience! Wishing you continued blessings!

  • Terrie,
    Thank you for sharing your Silence journey. I am both excited and nervous about my upcoming experience. Thank you for trail blazing!!

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