MKE Week 22 – Think Your Way to Better Health

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Are you kidding me? No, as it turns out, and what we learned from this week’s Master Key lesson is that when we are able to direct our subconscious mind to be in harmony with the Universal and Omnipotent power, the law of vibration is called upon to create changes in the physical health of our bodies.

This science is referred to as mental therapeutics, and it is gaining acceptance with many in the medical field. By directing the creation and/or growth of certain cells, these changes in the rate of vibration give power of the mind to control certain bodily functions necessary for optimum health.

This power is accessed by man’s ability to think. This means that if we change the quality of our thoughts, we can actually improve our physical well-being. We know that knowledge does not apply itself, and we also are aware that this same law operates for securing better health or attracting diseases or detriment to the body.

The difference is in the quality of the thought generated. Positive and harmonious thoughts bring improvement, while negative and inharmonious thought leads to a decline in health.

We are told that the rate of vibration determines all things, so if we can change the rate of vibration, we can also change the form, quality, and nature of a thing. So if we realize that our current state of health is based on our previous history of thought, then if we want better health in the future, we must change what and how we are thinking. Strange, but true – and especially exciting! We are in control.

We can prove it to ourselves from past experience using the objective mind – the “world without”, however the results we get are merely temporary. If someone tells you something really funny, it may cause you to laugh uncontrollably, but probably only for 10 seconds or so.

However, using the power of visualization, we can focus our attention on directing the subconscious mind, the “world within” to raise the rate of vibration to get the permanent results we want for our health.

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    Your blog post on thinking our way to better health is a #CreativeFunExplorers journey into the fascinating world of mental therapeutics. Your knack for simplifying profound concepts makes it a #CharismaticJoyRide, engaging us all in the discussion about the incredible power of our thoughts. I love how you highlight the acceptance of mental therapeutics in the medical field, making it an #EngagingPositivity revelation. Your emphasis on man’s ability to think and the direct link to improved physical well-being is a testament to your #PositiveVibesOnly perspective. It’s exciting to realize that our current and future health is in our control, and your delivery adds a #FunLovingMoments touch to this empowering insight. Looking forward to more of your insights and the #SpontaneousThrills of the Master Key Experience! #CharismaticJoyRide #EngagingPositivity #PositiveVibesOnly #FunLovingMoments #SpontaneousThrills #MasterKeyExperience #Thereisnothinglikeit

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