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This Master Key lesson this week had a large section about how to heal ourselves by our thinking. This was a big one for me because one of the things that I struggle with is my health. I have been told many times by my doctors that it is only a matter of time before my disorder will act up.

I used to think about this a lot and every little odd soreness or funny bruise would set me into a world wind of freaking out and googling the symptoms and trying to see if it is a serious thing to go to the hospital or not.

I now know that it was not good for me at all. By thinking and letting it linger and fester in my mind, the possibility for something to happen was heightened.

This week one of my sits, I sat in silence with my eyes closed thanking every part of my body for working correctly and for the amazing work that they do. As I came out of that sit, I had a sense of complete calmness and gratitude for being here. For waking up alive and healthy.

While I do have different affirmations around my health, I am much more specific this week with thanking my blood to move freely, to create white and red blood cells as much as my body needs and for every organ working in perfect harmony with each other.

This information is something that really has me intrigued. I am interested in learning a lot more about thought healing. We will see where this will take me!

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  • What a great perspective! I can certainly understand how focusing on all those nagging aches and pains is counter-productive, but I LOVE the idea of thanking my body for being healthy and each body part for doing a great job! Thanks:)

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