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Yesterday’s Master Key Experience Week 22 Webinar got me excited when I learned how to use anger, fear, hurt feelings, unworthiness, and guilt as Tools for Expanding. The image of a toolbox and construction tools got my imagination running wild.

I created a cardboard toolbox and downloaded drawings of construction tools. I labeled each tool and coloured them in with my Colors of Kindness crayons. The handsaw was Hurt Feelings, the hammer was Anger, the wrench was Unworthiness, the screwdriver was Guilt, and the pliers was Fear. I didn’t stop with those tools. I added a paintbrush which was Love. The paintbrush had rainbow coloured bristles since I’m painting the world with Love. I also added the level of Persistence. For any goal to be achieved, persistence is needed.

Now I have a visual reminder to use negative traits as tools for positive outcomes and to use love and persistence in everything I do! I placed my toolbox above my Vision Board and in front of the mirror where my “Gal in the Glass” resides.

I like being a creative thinker.

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I’m a blue from the left coast, wet coast of British Columbia, Canada. My hobbies include collecting inspirational quotes, sending encouraging cards to people, crocheting, reading, writing, gardening, and cooking. I enjoy cultural community events, socializing with friends, and enjoying a home cooked meal with my husband.

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  • Deanna, thank you SO much for sharing your very imaginative and creative idea. I would venture to say that it originated in thought! 😉 We surely are right where we are supposed to be! In this moment!

  • Wow, so love your creativity. Awesome way to use these tools. Thanks for sharing Deanna

  • Wow! This is great! Love how you addressed this lesson. I felt the beach and loved the image you used!

  • Hi Deanna, Your post is inspiring and very creative. I love your toolbox. And you choose to share it with us. Thank you.

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