MKE Week 22 – What Am I Made Of?

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Our body is controlled by the universal mind. That is quite fascinating, every part of us from the cells to the organs to our overall condition of our health. And if we entertain thoughts of joy, gratefulness, love, giving and more we have those kinds of things and more importantly we will have optimum health!

When thoughts of negativity come our way, we can replace them with a beautiful experience. So, when you hear what most people say, it is what it is, or the there’s nothing that I can do to control it, it’s out of my hands.

But is it though? Based on the universal mind and the law of growth, what we think about grows so since that is really how it works then we really have no excuse! So, they need to understand that listening to all these gurus and seminars to change their life, spending thousands of dollars, and it will do them absolutely no good.

Why?  Because the world within is contaminated and the world without cannot produce anything but what the universal mind dictates. So, the challenge is from within and the only way to fix that is to learn to take control of their mind!

But many take all this information and although some of it is very powerful to change their life they have no idea how to apply it in their life it’s like a freeway with endless road signs there is no rhyme or reason for them all as there is no work happening!!

The same can be said of your mind.  You might have every solution in the world to help you and change your life but until you put it to use in your life it means absolutely nothing.

Something that has been messing with my mind lately, especially this week more so than previous weeks, is this haunting question as I haven’t been able to rack my mind around it, what have I been pretending not to know?

Am I giving this way too much thought or what am I missing what am I expected to figure out or does this come to me in my sit? I don’t know maybe I should let it go and let it come to me at the proper time? Until Next time, and there will be a next time!

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  • Spot on, Shannon. I ask myself the same questions as you…and concluded the same as you…I have yet to know the answers but sit and let them come at the proper time. 🙂

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