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With the addition of a couple of adults, a couple of children and two pets to our household, I decided to spend some additional time focusing on being the observer of children and animals. It didn’t take very long until I was reminded that young children and animals have a lot to offer to those of us who seek to be self-directed thinkers.

A simple smile or laughter from one of our young grandchildren fills my heart with joy. Walking out of the house for five minutes, returning, and the dog runs to me wagging its tail truly happy to see me, makes my day.

Watching the grandchildren playing in the yard; digging in the dirt, looking at wild flowers, chasing after butterflies, running on the grass barefoot, laughing and giggling all along, really being great observers of all the beauty around them, and at the same time, letting their imagination run free as they play.

They prepare a whole meal with some mud, blades of grass, sticks, and plant leaves. They smile and laugh as they bring it to you, and you pretend to eat the feast they prepared for you.
It’s was a great “break week”!

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  • Thanks so much for sharing how you’ve been enjoying your time with your grandchildren and their pets. It truly is an amazing experience to see the world through their eyes, seeing the wonder and imagination, hearing their laughter, and being allowed to be part of their world. I’ve enjoyed reading about your observations.

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