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I continue to have great opportunities to put into practice the information that is being downloaded into my mind.

Most recently, the words of Og Mandino

“I will control my emotions.”

The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino, Scroll Six

I was privileged to be invited to have a meal with a couple of individuals, whom I had for years taken on a feeling of inferiority whenever I was preparing to be in their presence.

On this occasion I was aware of the conversation that was starting in my head and I was able to bring to my consciousness the beautiful words of Og Mandino from The Scroll Marked VI

“If I bring rain and gloom and darkness and pessimism to my customers they will purchase naught. If I bring joy and ENTHUSIASM and brightness and laughter to my customers the will react with joy and ENTHUSIASM and brightness and laughter and my weather will produce a harvest of sales and a granary of gold for me.”

The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino, Scroll Six

The same thing applies to all of my life not just when I am working my business. This attitude & thought process is to be utilized every day in all things. How awesome is that?!

I shutdown that old unfruitful recording and took the newly downloaded information and focused on that instead. I had a few days to work that energy toward that situation and I absolutely loved the result! When I would have a thought about the get together I actually smiled. I had made up my mind that I would bring joy and ENTHUSIASM and brightness and laughter.

It was a very pleasant outing in a beautiful setting and enjoyed by all.

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  • Robin, just as was written in scroll 1 “I find myself reacting to all situations which confront me as I was commanded in the scrolls to react, and soon these actions and reactions become easy to perform, for any act with practice becomes easy”

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