MKE Week 22a – Gratitude Is My Super Power

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This week has been an emotionally charged week. It’s been a real struggle some days to keep the depression and anxiety demons from controlling my Subby. However, I have tools to help me deal with the depression and anxiety demons. I use my affirmation “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, happy, and healthy” and I look for silver linings throughout my day.

I feel gratitude when someone does something nice for me. On Tuesday my boss gave me some Greek salad, my coworker fed me some strawberries dipped in cream and chocolate, and hubby made a ginger beef dish for our supper. Each dish made me so happy and grateful. I couldn’t help but smile while I ate good food.

I was able to laugh when a bank teller called to let me know I left my bank card in the ATM…again. I told the bank teller, “That’s the second time I’ve done that in a month!” We both laughed at my forgetfulness. In the past I would have put myself down and been loathsome with myself. Not anymore.

I’ve enjoyed several walks in the sunshine, not any easy feat since most days it’s been raining and the sunshine is so fleeting. I’ve been enjoying the spring flowers (crocuses, camellias, ornamental cherries, daffodils) that have burst into bloom. It’s hard to feel depressed when I’m surrounded by so much beauty.

Last Monday was recycling day. I was up early and collected refundables for nearly 3 hours. I didn’t get upset when one of my competitors beat me to some of the refundables. Instead, I thanked Father God for the items I did collect, including the items the lady missed because she was in such a hurry she didn’t notice the items that were hiding in the recycling bins. I had a great time talking to people I met. Some people even encouraged me to take their refundables and even put some in my bag.

This week we’ve been learning about Wallace D. Wattles and studying Og Mandino’s Scroll VI.

In Scroll VI I gravitated towards Og Mandino’s encouraging poem:

If I feel depressed I will sing.
If I feel sad I will laugh.
If I feel ill I will double my labor.
If I feel fear I will plunge ahead.
If I feel inferior I will wear new garments.
If I feel uncertain I will raise my voice.
If I feel poverty I will think of wealth to come.
If I feel incompetent I will remember past success.
If I feel insignificant I will remember my goals.
Today I will be master of my emotions.
(The Greatest Salesman in the World, p. 80).

This was exactly what I needed to read this week! I liked it so much I put it on my wall on my shape sheet and next to my paper genie lamp. On my genie lamp I wrote “What am I pretending not to know?” On the “smoke” emerging from the lamp I wrote “What would the woman I intend to become do next?” I like having visual reminders around me.

In the Week 22a webinar both Lori and Day shared numerous quotes from Wattles. Two of these quotes resonated with me the most. I put this quote on my wall:

I surrender my body to be ruled by my mind;
I yield my mind to the dominion of my soul,
and I give my soul to the guidance of God.
(Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Being Great).

The more gratefully we fix our minds on the Supreme when good things come to us the more good things we will receive, and the more rapidly they will come; and the reason simply is that the mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the source from which the blessings come.
(Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich).

I don’t know what the future holds but I know that living a life of gratitude and talking to Father God on a daily basis is helping to minimize the depression and anxiety demons’ attacks on my Subby and I’m feeling happier, too.

Finally, brothers and sisters, fill your minds with beauty and truth. Meditate on whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is good, whatever is virtuous and praiseworthy…and the God of peace will walk with you.
(Philippians 4:8, 9b, The Voice Bible).

Meet Deanna Pulido Baker

I’m a blue from the left coast, wet coast of British Columbia, Canada. My hobbies include collecting inspirational quotes, sending encouraging cards to people, crocheting, reading, writing, gardening, and cooking. I enjoy cultural community events, socializing with friends, and enjoying a home cooked meal with my husband.

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  • Thank you Deanne for sharing your tools that you are using to help keep depression and anxiety at bay.

    You future is bright – thank you for sharing.

  • Deanna, thanx for all you do especially in our polo. You are an inspiration and I encourage you to continue writing. We’ve been fortunate to see some of your artistic endeavors and know you will do great things utilizing them. Remember always, take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ 2 Cor 10:5. We all have a chance to do something about our thoughts and this class has proven it.

  • Thanks for your heartfelt sharing. It was touching to hear all your real-life examples and the way you are putting reminders (tools) around you! Also, that you are seeing things in new light and leaning into your faith.

  • So love this blog Deanna it real, honest, powerful, positive and inspiring. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

  • This is a wonderful powerful experience you have had this week. Thank you for your encouragement.

  • This was great! I think we all struggle with ups and downs on a daily basis (maybe more so with women). Like Og said, “Each day I awaken with moods that have changed from yesterday. Yesterday’s joy will become today’s sadness; yet today’s sadness will grow into tomorrow’s joy. Inside me is a wheel, constantly turning from sadness to joy, from exultation to depression, from happiness to melancholy.” With knowing this and applying what we are being taught through our readings, prayer and the sits gets us through another day of being grateful for what we have and knowing this yucky mood we experience today will pass into joy tomorrow. Stay strong!

  • Deanna – It’s incredible to see you harnessing such positivity and gratitude in your life! Keep focusing on those silver linings and the beauty around you. Remember, your mindset is a powerful tool. Keep shining!

  • I LOVE the way you put this together! And the quote from Phillppians at the end was icing on the cake!

  • Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful life and inspiration you are, Deanna. Thank you, from the depth of my soul. Feel my love waves to you for this.

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