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Am I becoming to be a self-Directed Thinker?

Through this whole MKE class we were given tasks; like stop watching the news, turn off the TV, slow down on the Internet etc.

Mark was teaching us the beginnings of becoming a self-directed thinker, teaching us to feel with enthusiasm, to take control of our mind. Mark said Create a demand and change.

Do things with a burning desire, Mark stated nothing happens if you’re not emotionally charged. Live with intention Create a Definite major purpose. Have confidence, hope, trust and faith. Do these exercises. Do it now! and repeat x 25.

We were asked to analyze, evaluate and synthesize information without relying on outside external forces giving us evidence based on logic and science. To become curious to explore new ideas and having a different perspective to seek a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Mark was giving us independence not to be swayed by outside forces of authority figures. But to rely on our own judgement and analysis. Be open minded, be able to identify biases and separate fact from opinion, approach challenges with creativity and resilience often finding innovative solutions.

Mark told us it was going to take work, time, effort and a willing mind to commit to a lifelong continuous learning and improvement to find our true selves within the lamp.

The Question, Am I becoming a self-directed thinker?

Answer yes! I have the desire to continue to form good habits, fill my life with gratitude and happiness.

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