MKE Week 22A – Silence & Gratitude for Tribe Resolute

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So, 2 weeks back we were “encouraged” to seek silence for 24 hours at least and more, if possible. I gave it some thought as it did intrigue me. I work in a monument shop after all. So, there’s not much traffic already! There are days wen I literally see and/or talk to NO ONE! All I would need to do is ditch my phone and explain to my family why I am not talking to them?!? While the concept does intrigue me, I think I am going to hold off a while before attempting this as I get the feeling there may be another option…..Not sure why I just said that but OK!?!

We keep getting told by guides about how Amazing & Active our Tribe Resolute is! Last night was our “every other week Thursday night zoom” and we were discussing it. We aren’t sure why we are so active or what the attraction is but we accept it. We take everyone’s word for it because we don’t know any different.

For most of us in Tribe Resolute, we are in our First year with MKE with the exception of some SuperStars! For me personally, I LOVE IT! I’ve never taken a class like this so the whole Marco Polo option was intriguing, initially. Now, I get it! I’ve famously gotten uncharacteristically upset the first time I’ve read some of Og’s Scrolls and was gently teased, but for me to get emotional like that in front of others was NEVER anything that I ever imagined!!

First of all, just the fact that I got emotional about a couple of the chapters was intriguing. That was Never Me! But what is even more, is the fact that I went on the polo, Still upset and I would’ve NEVER done that Previously!!??

So, before we depart for the Summer I’d like to personally THANK every person within Tribe Resolute for their contributions, insight, guidance and advice as well as ALL the Guides that Popped In on Us! What a Super Cool experience this is!! I am sooo GRATEFUL to EVERYONE who had to put up with ME! This is such a cool concept and I can’t WAIT to partake Again in September!


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  • Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with MKE and Tribe Resolute, Todd! I always look forward to listening to your polos since you have a way of being energetic and making something simple, like playing ball with Koda or looking out the window at work, fun. Many of your videos have made me laugh or pensive. I’m glad I’m part of Tribe Resolute and decided to join the tribe’s conversations on Marco Polo and Zoom.

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