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Why are we instructed to engage in four days of silence, away from worldly distractions? Why do many of us find that so hard to do? Why do we resist it? What is it about silence that we find so uncomfortable, while noise and clamor makes us feel secure?

Why are we afraid to go into the cave of our ego and face our own version of Darth Vader? What is it that we find so horrifying about our shadow side? Why don’t we have the courage to face our darkness? Why is that idea filled with shame, guilt, and fear?

What’s in there that keeps us from being peace?

Mark J. often says, “Peace be the journey.” Can one be peaceful when surrounded by entropy and chaos? No. Peace must be established in silence. Can we only attain the peace of silence when, like Thoreau, we immerse ourselves in our own version of Walden Pond?

Did you know that the cabin 27 year old Thoreau built on Walden Pond was on land owned by Emerson? Thoreau and Emerson were dear friends. Thoreau’s thought experiment with New England Transcendentalism lasted two years. He dove deep into the silence of his reality and emerged a different man.

What is the symbolism of Thoreau, Walden Pond, and merging with the Silence within?

The intent of having your own Walden Pond experience is not to encourage you to become a hermit, a recluse, a monk and separate from society. It’s for you to have an experience where you contact the silence within; recognize it; and realize that it is always with you every moment of the day.

The unbounded formless Stuff of the Universe is the Silence; the Ether; the Void; the Akash or Infinite. It is the Absolute from which the Relative springs. It is the Mother of all form. It is in the spaces, gaps, cracks and crevices of all manifest Creation that we perceive. It is the space within the atom; between the electrons; within the nucleus.

As above, so below. It is the creative Force itself.

And, it is you. You are that Silence amidst the Activity. Walden Pond is within you and accessible 24/7. Learn to see it. Know what it feels like. Be the silence of the Ocean depths while witnessing the dynamic play of the waves.

You are That……all This is That……all This Is.

Silence Is……….the Moment, the Present, the Eternal, your Essence.

Be One with the Silence and know that you are God.

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I'm a chiropractor-kahuna-healer. I love nature, hiking, gardening and visiting my daughter in Kauai and my son in Oregon. I live in Maine. I'm married to the love of my life, Deb, for 36 years and I adore my dog, Hopi - she is pure native American! We are all one!

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  • Thought provoking blog Ben. So happy you enjoyed your extended Silence and can see the application to every day life.

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