MKE Week 22a – Today, This Moment, Every Moment I Begin A New Life

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Once again, an interesting week where I am observing payoff of this course. Bombardment of things that before this Master Key Experience would have had me in a completely different emotional state, I am finding myself calm.

The old me thoughts and emotions slam me but are quickly deflected or changed using my new tools. I know this reads much like last week’s blog but that is all the more reason to annotate this and celebrate. Me in control of my thoughts and emotions…that’s huge!

I repeat the Law of Giving more and more each day as I consciously send waves of love around me. I am working harder these last two weeks than the entire course…only because I am not learning about the tools but am practicing like never before.

I am using the tools to color-code those around me and speak their language. I work diligently and enthusiastically to create a harmonious environment and interactions. I am so excited to see the fruits of my labor (it will take some time and I am patient and persist).

I am so grateful for this course because old me…well, I won’t even give power to that.
I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

And I am discovering new facets of each of those words in myself every day. Onward I go!

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  • Thank you for sharing. It is awesome to hear you using the tools and them truly helping you in this transition time in your life.

  • Reading of your transformation reminds me of a children’s story called “Kafka and the Doll,” where Kafka meets the girl who lost her doll. He tells her, “She’s not lost, she is traveling.” Then writes letters of amazing tales of travels from the doll to the little girl. Later, he brings the little girl a doll (of course it’s not the original doll), but says that traveling and expanding your horizons changes you.

  • Hi Ramona, By observing yourself, it sounds like you have found real growth and change. Each day is important. Cheering you on

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