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Things that I had been putting significant energy into came unraveled (in the big picture – small stuff). It triggered a mood that I did not like at all. It was lingering.

So that Monday morning, I just stopped and decided to read my Lesson and added extra time to the “Sit (Silence)” Took it to God. I was so much calmer afterwards even though the facts were the same. I decided to look at them differently. Committed to letting go and opening myself to new next steps.

Haanel – Lesson 20 spoke about Silence again.

Inspiration is from within. The Silence is necessary, the senses must be stilled, the muscles.
relaxed, repose cultivated. When you have thus come into possession of a sense of poise and power you will be ready to receive the information, inspiration, or wisdom which may be necessary for the development of your purpose.  Master Key System 20:18

This leads me to what we learned in Master Key Experience Class # 21

Getting Out of the Way (Getting out of my own way!)

• Let go of the banana (Have you heard the Monkey and the Jar story? The jar had a thin neck, the opening just small enough for a banana to slide through. Greed overcame the monkey. He wanted the bananas despite the apparent peril. He slid his hand through the neck of the glass jar and grabbed a hold of one oversized banana. But once he closed his palm into a fist around the banana it was impossible to remove his hand-thus trapping him)
– Release and become receptive (realize that with intention that serves not only me but also others, things will become clear!)
– The compass points to your bliss (Always look for the true North)

• Aware of wonder – (focus on gratitude and the miracles continually unfolding around us)
– It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life.

Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” ~Joseph Campbell~

The Stumbles are the Treasure. (One of our instructors, Davene shared her story of falling flat on her face!)
• Stumbling (It can happen to any of us. We can stumble physically, emotionally, or spiritually)
– Rule #68, do not take yourself so seriously (not always easy – here are three pros and cons)
– BAM! Three options

• Option 1
– Run and hide
– Stop growing, stop living (Davene shared “I’ve done this for you, it really doesn’t work, skip it, OK?”)
Options Two and Three

• Option 2
– Keep playing
– Have a pity-party
– Oh, goodie, a negative addiction, bring on familiar peptides (the old feelings you still have tucked in your memories)! Remember the monkey story I mentioned.

From Master Key Class Week 17HJ
Can I Let Him Die? There’s That Monkey Again
• What am I hanging on to so hard that I do not want that prevents me from having what I do want?
– What is the difference between those monkeys and me?
– Clinging to my old identity [circumstances] is hanging on to the banana
– And, it is a blockade to authentic self, denying one authentic connection

Do not get caught in the monkey trap!
• Option 3 (This is my favorite!!)
– Keep playing, stumble
– Power is found in repose, Silence
– Focus on ideal (the YOU that you are becoming by recognizing and changing your thoughts.)
– “AHA!” Know the treasure is there, right there.

Till next week – Look at your stumbles as a treasure hunt!

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I am a Woman of Faith – Wife, Mother, and Grandmother - Love my Family and Friends - Encourager of Health and Wellness.
I have pursued personal development for years! Thankful for my friend who introduced me to classes leading up to this unique Master Key Experience.

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  • Hey Pat, thanks for sharing. I love option 3 as well. I also like how you used the silence to see clearly.

  • Hi Patricia, Love the Monkey and the Jar story. So very useful as we look at our own behaviors. What am I hanging on to, unwilling to let go of? I enjoyed your post.

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