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Week 22A was another bye week for our Master Key, or at least a break from the 3 hour webinars. Lori and Day did a masterful job of leading us through an introduction to “the certain way” encouraged by Wallace Wattles.

Along the way we were introduced to the Father of Enlightenment in France, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, whose political philosophy greatly influenced Benjamin Franklin. We were made aware of the crossover content of Hill, Emerson, Rousseau and Haanel in advancing the idea of self reliance, and self-directed thinking for the betterment of humanity.

We are reminded again that there are no common people, and that we are all great and possess power to change our lives for the better.

Our starting point in demonstrating our individual greatness starts with gratitude. We must remain in a positive state of mind, and continually looking for things to be grateful for. Writing the 3 gratitudes every day on our cards has been part of our routine for almost as long as the course has gone on, to develop the habit of gratitude.

We are encouraged to do every act with excellence. This part is jump started with the idea of SAP, or smallest achievable perfection. Once we determine what that is for us, and it becomes a habit for us, we can use that accomplishment to branch out and include more things.

Wisdom is the essential basis of greatness, and is dependent on knowledge. But we know that knowledge does not apply itself. Through inspiration, we can develop spiritual insight, and the “Do it Now” mantra that we have developed to always do the right thing.

Wattles wrote a trilogy of books based on this thinking and coined it, “The Certain Way”, which consisted of three principles – gratitude, thought, and action or will. In these books, one finds the pathway or plan to become great and do great things.

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  • Hey Jack!

    Your carefree spirit shines through your recap of Week 22A, turning what could be a break into a #CarefreeAdventures of insightful exploration. The way you blended historical wisdom from Rousseau, Benjamin Franklin, and our Master Key thinkers was a #CharismaticJoyRide, making it engaging and positively fun for all of us. Your emphasis on gratitude as the starting point is a testament to your #HappyHeartbeats and the routine of daily gratitudes, a joyful habit indeed. The concept of SAP and striving for excellence, as you put it, is a #FlexibleHappiness strategy, allowing us to branch out into more positive endeavors. Your insight into wisdom, knowledge, and the “Do it Now” mantra reflects a #PositiveVibesOnly mindset, adding persuasive smiles to our journey. Conveying Wattles’ trilogy as “The Certain Way” was an #InclusiveHappiness revelation, offering a playful plan to greatness. Looking forward to more of your #FunLovingMoments and the spontaneous thrills of the Master Key Experience. Cheers to your #LaughAndPlay spirit! #CharismaticJoyRide #FlexibleHappiness #HappyHeartbeats #PositiveVibesOnly #InclusiveHappiness #MasterKeyExperience #Thereisnothinglikeit

  • Hi Jack, Yes, I so agree starting and ending with gratitude. It’s that positive mindset that propels success. Cheering you on

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