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The spider, by instinct, and talent feeds itself by creating intricate webs of fine filaments which it secretes from specialized glands. The design of the web is perfect. It is strategically placed to intercept flying insects, which get stuck on the sticky filaments. The spider is waiting on the edges of the web which are usually attached to plants, although sometimes they decide to attach to my car which is never a pleasant experience for me! The trapped insect creates vibration as it tries to free itself, and those vibrations travel to alert the spider of its capture.

This morning, as part of my retreat of silence, I spent the night and morning at a neighbor’s house while they are away on vacation. They have an amazing family room which looks out on a deck and enormous oak trees. I set my morning readings aside and listened to the Sound of Silence (homage to Simon & Garfunkel). We live near the airport and the sounds of flights taking off and landing are background noise that is filtered out without a thought.

Except for this morning. As I heard a jet climb in altitude, I realized that my life was connected to the hundreds of people on board through the vibration of the engines. The pilots, flight attendants and passengers were all a part of my life and experience today. I prayed a silent prayer for their safety and success at their destination. Some would be traveling for vacation, some for business, some embarking on a new phase of their lives, some to rush to the side of a loved one and some to comfort those in grief over the loss of a friend or family member.

The harmony of the world we live in looms so largely, and yet we often miss the grandeur in our distraction of day-to-day life.

I heard the vibrational sound of a leaf blower and saw a neighbor out working in his yard. He is an amazing man, father, grandfather, and businessman. I watched and listened as he tidied his yard before the workday started. I knew that by 9:00 a.m. he would be in his office attending to his clients and multi-state business. I so admire his discipline and focus.

I watched and heard the squirrels in trees, scurrying around in their eternal search for food, and heard them chattered to each other…more vibration. There was an occasional bicyclist and a few cars, all of whom impacted my life this morning.

Before I returned home, I added feed to the bird feeder and heard the vibrational flutter of wings as the nearby birds reacted to the sound of the feed. I knew that before I returned to gather my possessions, they would be enjoying their morning breakfast.

As I walked back into the house, I felt the vibrational warmth of the sun on my face and experienced the bright light in my eyes. As I locked the house, the metal door ornament moving against the door created a delightful sound to remind me of my awareness. As I walked back to my home, my favorite osprey was at the top of a tall Norfolk Island Pine tree (green triangle) and he called back to me as I whistled a greeting to him. Good morning, and all is well with the world!

As I was returning, I was able to say Good Morning to my husband as he headed off to work with a friend. I missed him last night, and I was grateful for the opportunity to connect with him before he left.

My house is still silent. I am hearing the vibration of the ceiling fans and welcomed the purrs of love coming from my cat, Jimmy. The frequency of a cat’s purr is so calming.

I am so grateful for the challenge presented to extricate from the day-to-day cacophony to experience the sound & vibration intentionally. I have never felt more present in the NOW, than today. I plan to remember the experience and replicate it often to ground myself in the importance of awareness. Another plane just left, and I am connected, again, to hundreds pf people who don’t know that I am thankful for them and wishing them an amazing day!

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  • Hi Geri, Your silent retreat sounds amazing. So much thought and observation of all the harmony surrounding you. I enjoyed your post

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