MKE Week 22a – What Do I Do If I Lose The Real Me?

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Think of it this way, most of the world operates in a robotic manner, and in most instances, it is not their fault. But it is if they remain that way.

What does a small child care about? Learning to walk and falling down but then getting back up again. The child is in Theta state until around 7 and therefore everything that happens, they have no control over the environment, the things that are heard, the events they are involved in etc.

But then at age 7, the mind wakes up and the conscious mind comes online and the first decisions are made and from that point on throughout life. So you have a choice to escape the machine and that is what the MKE is all about.

It’s about leaving the assembly line of what you allowed the mass machine to create what they wanted you to be. But deep within, you have been pretending not to know and ignoring the cry for freedom of the spirit within. So you refuse to answer the call of the Hero’s Journey and go through life feeling empty, uninspired and unfulfilled.

Consider this, you have been put in charge of a billion dollar industry that has helped millions of people with their health. But even though everything was given to you you don’ realize that you have what it takes to be successful, and it just begins in you mind.

A single thought can change the makeup of your life forever so like the industry you are given a choice to take the reins and follow your bliss and learn what it takes by taking the Hero’s Journey or crouch in fear and avoid your responsibilities like many do!

So if everything that is created in your life at this point in your life is your fault!! Why?!! Because you created it with your thinker! Ha ha ha! I like that… I might start using that! Ohhh but that stings doesn’t it because you have to kind of do a little thing and uhhh take responsibility!

Ok so reflect and get it over with and now its time to move on! Remember tomorrow has come and gone there is nothing you can do about what happened yesterday nor earlier today it’s done and dusted as we say in the industry, on to the next production.

Is it really that easy, I mean can’t I just dwell on my failures for a day, ok maybe a week, oh hell I’m going to need a month to get past this—I’m really not feeling it and soon a year has passed and you have allowed failures from the past to cripple your dream.

Time lost, certainly, fed your emotions and are ready to move on? You’d be surprised how people go through life never living out their dream for this one reason. You see, we know that what you think about grows, so I can guarantee what their thoughts are made of! Defeat, failure, regret, feeling sorry for themselves, poor health… it’s a cascading effect!!

But you and I can easily identify this behavior being self-directed thinkers. I think that is the most amazing thing about the MKE is that we are able to show others the way and what an honor that is!!

Until next time, and there will be a next time!

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  • I love that we have been taught a different cascading effect…changing from the negativity cascade to positivity cascade. And I agree that it is an honor to demonstrate and show others the way. Thank you, Shannon!

  • Thank you so much Jen for the kind words! It’s amazing I call it the glorious unfolding!

  • Inspiring blog Shannon! So glad you said yes! to your Hero’s journey. You are engaging in the mental exercises and receiving the gifts of being a self-directed thinker…and now shining your authentic light and being an example for others to say yes! to their own unique Hero’s journey. Bravo!

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