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Give every person more in use value than you take from him in cash value. You can conduct your business so that it will be a ladder by which every employee may climb to riches himself. You need not hesitate about asking largely. “It is your Father’s pleasure to give you the kingdom, says Jesus.” Your part is to focus and express the desires of God.

Wallace D. Wattles

I never thought about this advice before. It is opening my eyes to the fact that the direct marketing business I am in does that with perks, insurance, and surprise coin drops. You think and act in a certain way. You always show gratitude. I am grateful to be in this business.

At a plant sale today I bought a pot of lettuces for $16. I gave the young lady a $20 bill. She looked in her apron and found only $3 so she found a $5 bill and said she didn’t have correct change so she would just give me the extra.

I reached in my billfold and said what if I give you a $1 and she smiled and said that is fine. Then she offered me a flat to carry the pot on if I was going to buy something at another booth.

I remembered that the other woman said she would sack it and it would fit on my arm for my next purchase. I told her I thought I could manage. She thanked us both for shopping with her. I knew she might need the flat for another customer.

You could tell she was just starting to farm and needed the money but she was willing to give more. She had healthy plants and my friend bought a plant too.

What the young lady doesn’t know is that I am placing those 6 plants in separate pots on my Tower Garden and let them grow larger and then pick the leaves for my family and to give away to other people. They ate my “Gift Gratitude” plants.

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