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I have to admit, that I am a little disappointed that I have to do this here but I’ve made this request about 6 or 7 times in various places on this site and have yet to get a response or acknowledgement.

So, here it goes……when this class started in September we were told that Each Friday night, at midnight Kauai time, the support paperwork for the up coming Sunday webinar would be released. GREAT! That means that since I don’t own a printer, I can print my documents at work when I am there on Saturdays.

We started Rockin and Rollin and everything was Great! Then came the new year and ever since the beginning of 2024, the delivery of paperwork by midnight FRIDAY IN Kauai has CEASED making the inconsistency very inconvenient for those of us who can’t yet afford printers! So much so that this past week, I was not able to print out the outline notes that I use to follow along when I am on the webinar!!

They weren’t THERE!!! So, in order to do Mark’s survey properly, this week, I had to wait till Monday, Download the paperwork that was NOT available to me on Saturday at all, wait for the copy of the webinar to be released by Monday, Re-Listen to the entire webinar again, did my new cards by Tuesday and was able to fill out the self-assessment and THEN do Mark’s survey!

It is very frustrating and incredibly inconvenient to drive around on a Saturday night or Sunday morning just to print out documents that if they had been delivered when promised, wouldn’t be an issue. What’s more as it appears to be a problem in Kauai as once they wake up, sometime between 6am-9am their time (noon – 3pm Our time) “something” has been done to accommodate Everyone!

I put this at the bottom of every instance I’ve made this repetition that I will keep posting this in random spots until I get a response or acknowledgment. So far, I’ve left it in chats during the webinar, in various spots on this site and IN Mark’s surveys and so far, Nothing!!

I am aware that this class is just about over so hopefully, moving forward, future tribe members will find things a little smoother.

That’s All I’ve Got! I Always Keep My Promises – Todd Armstrong

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