MKE Week 23 – The Law of Least Effort

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The Law of Least Effort
Put every effort into organizing your life, but remember that the ultimate organizer is Nature.
Don’t try to steer the river.
When Nature is most productive and creative, it does not work; it plays.
The best work flows from us effortlessly.
Putting up resistance to life ultimately never succeeds.
Allow the gifts of spirit to come to you.

Deepak Chopra

The Law of Least Effort, the fourth spiritual law of success, reminds us that nature’s intelligence moves with effortless ease, harmony, and love. It encourages us to embrace this new way of being.

When we look at nature, we see a perfect example of how to embrace this law. A tree does not struggle or strive to grow. Instead, it follows its natural path, reaching for the sun and sinking its roots deep into the ground. The tree does not waste energy worrying about how fast it grows or comparing itself to other trees. It trusts in the natural rhythm of growth and allows it to unfold with ease.

Each season flows seamlessly into the next. Nature’s cycles are free of struggle and resistance. Each season unfolds at its own pace, bringing its own set of gifts and blessings. The trees lose their leaves in the fall, rest and rejuvenate in the winter, and bloom with new life in the spring, all without effort or force.

Grass is in alignment with the natural flow of life, receiving its energy from the sun and nutrients from the soil. It does not compete with other plants for resources. Rather, it coexists peacefully with them. Grass does not worry about how quickly it grows or compares itself to other plants. Instead, it relies on nature’s inherent intelligence to guide its development. Even when mowed or grazed by animals, grass regenerates easily, sprouting new shoots and continuing its growth cycle without resistance.

A fish does not struggle against the currents. Instead, it glides effortlessly through them. They do not waste energy fighting obstacles. Instead, they gracefully move around them. Fish do not worry about where they are going or how they will get there. Instead, they rely on their instincts and the natural flow of the ocean to guide them. Even when confronted with predators or environmental changes, fish adapt effortlessly.

These examples from nature demonstrate the power of the Law of Least Effort and its three principles. Acceptance, Responsibility, and Defenselessness.

We, like nature, can trust the natural flow of life to guide us to greater peace, abundance, fulfillment, and our full potential. By aligning with nature’s wisdom, we can simplify our lives, reduce stress, and accomplish more with greater ease and joy.

When I fully accept what happens in my life, I realize that I was either resisting reality, being defensive, acting as a victim, or holding unrealistic expectations. I understand that I must trust that my worthiness is inherent and does not need to be proven to anyone.

I can trust that everything is unfolding as it should. The moment I let go of things I cannot control, accept responsibility, and take action, I feel peace.

When your actions are motivated by love, you expend least effort, and your energy multiplies, allowing you to create anything you want with a spirit of play and joy. When you seek power and control over others, you waste energy chasing the illusion of happiness.

Deepak Chopra
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  • You’re welcome Deanna. So great to read that you felt at peace reading it. Thanks for sharing it.

  • That must have been lovely to see Spring coming to life. Absolute nature doesn’t work it plays. Great to hear you love reading this post Marie.

  • I enjoyed reading your inspirational blog, Myrna. I felt at peace reading it. While reading it I could easily envision what you’re describing. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • I’m writing this as I look outside to a friend’s garden and seeing the Spring coming to life. So enjoyed reading your post as Nature and seeing clearly, as Chopra says, “When Nature is most productive and creative, it does not work; it plays.”

  • Terrific observations, Myrna. It helps us find our true nature when we look at true nature. Thanks for the reminder.

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