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MKE Week 23

I was thinking about this week plus that includes holidays or traditions or celebrations if you will like the celebration of Pi, or St Patrick’s Day and one could throw in the Ides of March if you see Caesar’s assassination as a cause for celebration.

In thinking about holidays and traditions made up by greeting card companies or social movements, celebration, play, relaxation or just being able to catch one’s breath seem to be necessary for the individual as will as the community of man.

One needs to notice what they are noticing to be aware of where they are or what’s around them. I know the end of this week or the beginning of next week depending on you, has significance to me personally.

Thus, causing me to compare how these times of joy and people behaving in certain ways (not Wattles) of some kind of togetherness or camaraderie, i.e. Many people become Irish for a day. As opposed to Haanel 23-8 and 9.

Where after talking about money consciousness, success being about service and omnipotent power. He talks about self-thinkers like Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie and the like in 23-8. Who made money for others. The Millionaire class.

He then talks about the average person being void of deep thinking, that they are quite receptive to other people’s ideas and sing the refrain like a parrot. How this zombie like attitude allows a few with no-good intentions “to usurp all the avenues of power and hold millions in subjugation.” Today’s billionaire class 23-9.

The millionaire class of that day, like Ford and others are much like some in the billionaire class of today you know who they are, who wanted to then and now subjugate the non-thinkers. The only problem with that is if they win, we all lose.

Ironically all of my readings this morning were in the vein of world peace or being the light in the dark or praying for others.

So, the need for self-directed thinkers and Service is most definitely real today.

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  • Hi Michael, The self-directed thinkers of today will forge ahead and lead with service to others. Thank you for your thoughtful post.

  • There are a lot of things pulling at us that don’t offer much value in the big picture and your blog was thought provoking in a good way! I love praying for others too! Thank you!

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