MKE Week 23 – Would You Take Advice From This Man?

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Would You Take Advice From This Man – that was the question

Here we see a man, clean cut, suited and booted. So you may be thinking yes.

But that was the not description or pictured painted however in spite of what we were told, In my head I said Yes. I would because of what the man had gone through so far. He was living his hero’s journey but he was not ready to give advice. He was not standing and dressed like the man in the picture. He was too deep in his own self pity, blame, the world is against me vibration – he wanted to end it!

However, God, Source Love, the Universe was not finished with him.

He did not know how his experience at and in those moments/years could and would influence others. He was using a lot of energy failing. That is a sober thought, how much energy we use to fail. So I ask myself why, why ignore the call, why do I like others do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result?

Do I take time to listen? No and not always.

Do I take time to act – I suppose I can only really do that with conviction if my actions are congruent with my purpose.

I need to remember the quote – it takes less energy to succeed than fail.

But in order to get to the success, there is a need to chip away at the practices that are not serving me. There is work and in doing so, new habits form. There is a need to take responsibility for where I have been and currently find myself. Take the opportunities on the way to success – there will be some. They just may not appear to be opportunities in the moment.

Success is not a straight road and the experiences we have along the way influence the dash, the stories we share and the lives we touch.

Meet Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith is a best-selling author, writer, motivational speaker, career, personal life and Dreamlife coach and a qualified mediator with over 20 years’ experience in the Public Sector in UK.

She is currently enjoying a new rhythm, and the Master Key Experience is part of her journey. She has the pleasure of living part of the year in Jamaica.

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  • Thanks so much for sharing your insights, Sandra. I always enjoy reading and listening to what you have to say since you take what you learn, analyze it, and convey it in ways that make me think about things at a deeper level than surface thinking. Thanks so much for encouraging others to dig deeper into what we’re learning and be self directed thinkers.

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