MKE Week 24 – All Good Things Must End, or is it an Opportunity for a New Thought and a Grateful New Beginning?

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It’s funny because a new thought can always bring a new beginning.

If I were to sum up in one sentence what I have learned in the last six months attending Mark and Davene’s Master Key Program, it would be the following:

By imagining, thinking, feeling, and taking action steps, I can create the life I desire for my highest good and to serve others.

MKE has taught me the tools I need to understand and embody for my life to unfold as I dream.

Now, it is up to me as a self-directed thinker to create my life experiences utilizing the laws of our Universe.

Thank you, MKE, for providing me with what I had hoped to experience from all the other Self-Development/Spiritual Programs.

MKE is the only program that has ever taught me, and I think others, the way to believe that is life-changing.

Thank you, Mark, Davene, my Guide, Wes, and all the guides and members of MKE! I am forever grateful to all of you.

May your journey be as you will it to be as a self-directed thinker.

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My passion is understanding the Universe and seeing Love in, as, through, and around all beings and things, the seen and the unseen.

I love helping others celebrate the joy and the true desires vital to them in their heart.

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